About Waterhouse Solar
Waterhouse solar is an innovation of ours, the sales and installation arm of a conglomerate of organizations we have aligned to allow you far-reaching and creative solutions to improve your life the best way possible through adding a renewable energy system for your home.

We go beyond strictly solar sales, as we bring professional architects, master plumbers and electricians, engineering and general and specific construction skills to the table, in a way that is affordable to the average homeowner. If there is a way to implement solar for you, we will make the system the best possible choice for you, and more importantly, we will educate you throughout the process, answer your questions clearly, and give you a crystal clear choice to make by the time we’re done. We will handle everything from pulling permits through neighborhood board approval and we can even assist your CPA or tax preparer in assuring that you qualify for Federal and State tax credits. It’s not as simple as many make it out to be, but we have the answers and make it easy for you.

There are many companies that move fast and take shortcuts, hoping to avoid mistakes. We prefer to do things properly, as we must stand behind our product and if we can’t design and build your energy system and related improvements properly, we do not want to do it at all.

We may ask questions that seem unrelated, and we may approach solving your problem differently than you may have seen before, but the results you receive will exceed your expectations. That is our objective in serving you and your household.

I built this company for two reasons, 1) Renewable energy systems, specifically Solar Photovoltaic systems, currently have such overwhelming benefits right now, that there really is no better place for someone to place their hard-earned dollars. 2) When I was shopping for a system for my rental properties, I had several companies explain their systems for me, and not one of them could answer hard questions, and when I was done meeting with them, I was more confused than prepared to buy anything. So I got the answers myself and took it further by providing a method for you to benefit from the same hard work.

No matter your situation, it makes sense to take advantage of that right now. Everyone should benefit somehow. We can show you how.