Why not lease?

Ok, so leasing companies are making a big effort out here to capture more customers from solar. It only makes sense, as they are heavily capitalized investors backing the effort, because THEY understand the benefits. As they sell you the program, they make crazy returns on their money. If you are smart, you will make sure that those returns go to you. You already own the real estate, it is crazy not to take advantage of the financial benefits of renewable energy, cost savings and tax credits related to your Waterhouse Solar photovoltaic Energy system. Compared to any financial investment, we ran some rough calculations and showed that Solar represents a 21% return on capital in the first year, and 9% per year after that for the life of the system! As a comparison, the last I checked, your bank account is earning less than 1%.

Here is a clip of an email with links that I sent a customer explaining the pros and cons of leasing a little better. I hope you find it helpful.


Thanks for considering Waterhouse Solar.

…I have run across a couple of good articles that state the differences well, one is a little more blunt. The other a little more in detail. I am giving you both links here for your review.
My Summary is that no matter the outlay, with a lease, you lose the biggest portion of the benefits: 60-65% credits, AND your electric bill is usually reduced 20% or so, not reduced to $18.00. You will leave 80% monthly savings and 100% of the tax credits on the table for an investor to reap off your cash outlays.

…We have zero down options available if you’re interested. I’d be happy to answer any of your questions in-depth, because I want you to have the most benefit from your system as possible.

Detailed: (Read all 3 articles here)


 Blunt (includes 2 minute video):



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